The organizations of rest, improvement and employment of children, adolescents and young adults

Information about the payment (certification)


Resolution of the government of Leningrad region from 17.03.2016 year No. 61 "On procedure and conditions for granting on the territory of the Leningrad region of partial compensation of the cost of vouchers to employees in country children's camps, health camps and year-round children's sanatorium"

Form of application to obtain partial compensation for the cost of the permit;

Reference form credit card details;

The order dated November 7, 2017 № 457;

Payment of cost of permits:

Step by step guide receive a partial payment for working citizens in country children's camps, children's sanatoriums for children, registered on the territory of Leningrad region in 2017

Acceptance of documents for payment of cost of permits purchased in 2017, is available until December 15, 2017:

Committee of General and professional education of the Leningrad region

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Multi-function centres (MFC) in Leningrad region

Contact phone number MFC LO 8 800 500-0047 (free in Russia)

Current information about the operation modes of the branches of MFC contained on the website MFC LO:

Documents can be sent by Russian post to the address: 191028 ,Saint-Petersburg, Fontanka river emb., 14 Cabinet 17